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Less Stress with more time and energy... Reclaim your space...

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Simply Put was founded by Professional Organizer and Certified Coach
Elana Maimon

Why Simply Put? We are Unique.

At Simply Put we specialize in coaching and implementing organizational systems to improve management of time and space, reduce clutter, and enhance productivity. We stock a variety of organizational and storage solutions and bring them to you! 

Do you need help with spatial organizing, de-cluttering and /or downsizing? We can help you decrease clutter and improve organization to create beautiful space and easy to maintain systems.

Do you or a family member need time management support? Elana Maimon is a certified coach and can help you or your child develop life long strategies to improve organization, time management, prioritizing and planning, problem-solving, decision making, and study skills. 

The process will surely increase emotional well-being while decreasing stress and create beautiful and welcoming space. 


Simply Put is a Professional Organizing firm in Israel.


Elana and her team offer a full range of Professional Organizing services for all areas of your home and office.

  • De-cluttering

  • Closet and storage design and installation 

  • Senior downsizing

  • Home redesign and staging 

  • Relocation and move-in services

Elana Maimon coaches individuals on organizational skills, time and priority management, planning and execution of tasks, and organizational learning strategies.

We offer individual coaching and training workshops on:


  • Home Organizing and De-cluttering

  • Time and Organizational Management

  • Parenting the Disorganized Child

  • Organization and Learning Strategies for Students

Are you interested in learning some Home Organizing and Time Management tips?

De-clutter your home and improve Executive Function skills using our Simple Hacks. By using our tips, you'll get to spend more time enjoying your time and space.

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