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At Simply Put we offer solutions to all your organizing needs.


Home and Office Organizing


Simply Put offers a variety of customize systems to help our clients decrease clutter, increase productivity, and gain control of their lives. Experience order, clarity, serenity, and the gift of more time…

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Executive Function Coaching

Executive function coaching (EFC) uses practical, structured, and scientifically supported coaching methods to help clients improve time management, productivity, organization, prioritizing, impulse control, self-awareness, and social skills, as well as other factors that help improve academic and work performance and quality of life.
Coaching helps to develop realistic goals through individually tailored strategies and enables the client to use his strengths and new techniques to stay on task and get things done faster.

  • Time management skills

  • Organization

  • Prioritizing and planning skills

  • Problem-solving and decision making

  • Self regulation

  • Working memory

Executive Function Coaching
Male and female students doing schoolwork

Executive Function Coaching for Students

Executive function skills are mental processes that allow us to engage in purposeful behavior. Students use executive function skills every day to maintain focus, manage their time and materials, retain and structure information, and start and complete tasks. The executive function processes include goal setting, planning, prioritizing, organizing, flexible problem solving, self-monitoring and self-correcting.


Through EFC students of any age are empowered to manage themselves effectively through tools, strategies, and mentoring that lead to a lifetime of personal, academic, and professional success.


Skills that students learn through the Executive Function coaching process may include:

Creating study routines and a conducive study environment.

Overcome procrastination and avoid distractions to improve time management.

Plan, prioritize, and break down projects/tasks into manageable parts.

Organize and maintain their backpack, assignments, and materials.

Develop effective and efficient study, note taking, and test-taking strategies.

Create personalized and systematic writing systems.

Helping students and adults effectively meet today’s challenges with tools that last a lifetime…

Executive Function Coachin for Studens

Home and Office Organizing

Would you like to enjoy functional, clutter-free, and organized spaces?

Do you dream of managing your time, space, and information without frustration?

Would you like to simplify your move?

Put an end to the daily stress of living or working with clutter. Let us teach you organization and time management skills to help you set your priorities and achieve your goals.

Decrease clutter
Storage solutions
Paper management
Time management systems
Closet design

Move-in services
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Home and Office Organizing
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