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Our goal is to teach you about strategies, best practices, and tools to create an organized home and life.

Simplifying, Organizing, & Storing.

Based on the NY Times Best Seller: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.

Let me introduce you to a method that will help you clear clutter permanently and experience the calm and joy that this can inspire. Come to learn the secrets of the KonMari Method adapted to Israeli lifestyle and culture.

“An inspiring philosophy of letting go of the things that we do not need and keeping the things that bring us joy…”

The Organized Child

How can I help my child become more organized this summer? How can I nurture a more peaceful parent-child dynamic and start the school year right?

Learn how to help yourself or your child with…

Prioritizing and planning skills

Time management


Minimizing distractions and improved focus

Understanding Executive Function Challenges for Parents and Teachers

Do you have a child with organizational challenges?
Come learn what to say and not to say...

Join us to learn techniques to help you guide your child and create family routines that will strengthen Executive Function Skills. Help yourself and your child avoid frustration, plan and prioritize, set attainable goals, manage and limit distractions, and increase productivity.

Organizational & Study Skills for Students

In groups of up to eight, participants enjoyed proven techniques to help students plan and execute tasks, manage time effectively, and maintain order. Through interactive exercises the participants were introduced to: The Brain- How it processes information and completes tasks, Learning Styles, Memory Tricks, Planning and Goal setting, Time Management, Note Taking, and Listening Skills. Do you wish your child was more organized, managed school materials and homework better, procrastinated less, had better study habits, completed tasks in a single sitting, was simply more productive…

Time Management

Are you sometimes conflicted about what to do when? Do you feel like you sometimes struggle to decide what you need or want to do? Spend your time on what really matters and work more efficiently. Manage your tasks, responsibilities, goals and deadlines.

Time Management Seminar

Young Professionals of Givat Shmuel

Home Organizing Workshop

Municipality of Givat Shmuel

Young Professionals of Givat Shmuel enjoyed a workshop (sponsored by the Municipality of Givat Shmuel) on Home Organizing.


Participants learned techniques to clear  clutter and reclaim their space and a philosophy of letting things go... orderly space leads to greater efficiency, better time management, and peace of mind.

As a guest of the Young Professionals of Givat Shmuel,  Elana led a seminar on Time Management.


Participants were taught to  work more efficiently and to manage their personal and professional tasks, responsibilities, goals and deadlines.

KonMari Method

Modiinfo, Modiin Israel

Modiinfo, the English online newspaper serving the greater Modiin area invited Simply Put to host two Professional Organizing workshops featuring the famous KonMari Method adapted to Israeli lifestyle and culture. Participants enjoyed learning a method to help clear clutter and inspire calm.

Participants come to learn the fundamentals of home organization in a workshop called Simplifying, Organizing, and Storing. In an interactive and pressure free session we review a four step process toward a clutter free environment.

At the American International School in Even Yehuda, Elana delivered a workshop for parents called the Organized Child and shared her effective strategies that yield long-term results.


Topics included: improving organization, time management, prioritizing and planning skills, problem solving, decision making, and how to decrease clutter.

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